Mr. T. Cartter Frierson
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Lookout Mountain, TN, USA
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Professional Information
Sharpening business strategy with information technology in organizations of all kinds, from manufacturers to ministries. Building upon thirty years' experience in bringing senior managers and systems managers closer together, I help enterprises recognize and exploit emerging information technologies which transform not just the way firms work but even work and the firm itself. Known for innovative ideas on the leading edge, like publishing this MCNI web site.
Started full-time consulting in 1977; became a Certified Management Consultant in 1981. Worked in systems development in a Fortune 1000 manufacturing firm 1966-1977; Honor Graduate of IBM System Science-II 1968; MBA from Wharton Graduate School 1966; intelligence officer on the Iron Curtain 1962-64; graduated from Dartmouth College 1961. Leader in many community and church activities.
First recipient of Distinguished Service Award by Institute of Management Consultants, in 1998. Joined the Institute in 1980, became a Certified Management Consultant in 1981, served on national Board 1987-1990. Joined the Association of Management Consultants in 1980, national President 1987-88. Participated in the founding of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes in Paris in 1987.
Firm started in 1977 as T. Cartter Frierson & Company. Ranked among "100 Leading Management Consulting Firms in the U.S. Today" by Consultant News in 1987. Some clients are international; most are small to medium size firms in the southeastern United States. Established an affiliate, MCNI® (Management Consultant Network International, Inc.), with consultant E. Michael Shays in 1995 to support consultants worldwide on the World Wide Web.
Began consulting after eleven years in systems development, five as MIS director. Have managed over 100 engagements in 20 business sectors, developing and implementing strategic plans for applying information technology. Help clients improve their business plans to reflect reengineering opportunities. Consulting CIO for many clients.
Typical Projects Always work closely with top management and senior MIS staff to enable them to solve their own problems:
  • Helped the Republican National Committee develop and implement a three year plan for completely new direction in information systems.
  • Helped a major manufacturer quickly reengineer its production scheduling and nationwide distribution systems and implement these in two years.
  • Helped a service firm establish a coherent information architecture and long term strategy to replace many separate and incompatible systems then developed two successive short term plans to complete that transformation.
  • Helped a manufacturing firm which was losing its MIS staff develop and implement a career development and compensation system which ended staff losses and improved morale and recruitment.
  • Helped an organization with serious MIS - user relations problems reorganize and successfully complete major changes.
  • Showed a strong but stagnant regional thrift how they could (and did) convert to a bank using standard software, then become an attractive acquisition target by absorbing smaller thrifts, and realize a high return upon acquisition in 1996.
  • Some special projects were breakthrough solutions identified in prior engagements, such as conceiving and designing a pioneering outbound telemarketing system.
All industries and business sectors including manufacturing, distribution, health services, financial services, professional services, and the software industry. I also have much experience with not-for-profit organizations in education, religion, political, and health services, especially with Christian ministries.
All aspects of information technology: strategic planning, project management, system design, business process reengineering, operations assessment, organizational development, equipment evaluation and selection, change management, continuous quality improvement, consulting CIO, Breakthrough solutions and innovation through creative thinking, and  fund raising.
Fluencies English, some German, some French
Practice Countries North America, Caribbean, Europe
Speaker Subjects What most strategic plans are missing, breakthrough solutions using information technology, careers for information professionals in consulting, ethics, harnessing the Internet, exploiting the World Wide Web, and advanced fund raising technnologies.
Trainer Subjects Strategic planning, customer relationship management (CRM), Christian constituency relationship management (CCRM), creative thinking, breakthrough solutions, personal computing for the effective executive, ethics in business and personal life, exploiting the World Wide Web, and donor-focused fund raising techniques.
Press Resource
Singificance of emerging developments in information technologies for business. How information technologies are redefining organizations and work. The Year 2000 millennia problem.
Constituency Relationship Management for Non-Profits, Information Strategy Leverages Business Strategy, Creative Thinking, Breakthrough Solutions, Exploiting the WWW, Success is More Attitude than Aptitude, Creative Fundraising Using Computers.
Contact Information
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Postal Address T. Cartter Frierson
TCF Consulting Group LLC
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Lookout Mountain, TN 37350
Telephone (423) 653-4335
Fax (508) 519-4681
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