Great Whistlers You Can Hear Online Today


By no means an exclusive list of the best, here are the outstanding whistlers with whom Cartter Frierson is familiar. It will no doubt be updated often. If you would know the width and breadth of great whistling to be heard today these are whistlers he thinks you should hear, listed in alphabetical order.

Vic Anderson the yodelling cowboy

Michael Barimo perhaps the only world chapion child, teenager and adult whistler, a prodigy

Francesco Bonifazi gifted jazz musician and jazz whistler and world contender

Milt Briggs a veteran whistling entertainer and music teacher

Tom Bryant better known as the entertainer Whistlin' Tom

Qingyao Cao a great whistler from China

Geert Chatrou two time world champion from the Netherlands

Elaine Clark is a gracious grandmother whose breathing in and out while whistling is undetectable

Cal Fenwick the youngest of this list, who has a very bright future in whistling

Cartter Frierson who whistles, sings, and plays guitar

Phyllis Heil 2005 International Whistling Entertainer of the Year

Steve Herbst a world champion who appears on TV and everywhere else

Linda Hamlton the northern nightingale from Canada

Bill Johns the whistling ranger

Carol Anne Kaufman a top contender who whistles with zesto and can really sing a ballad

Sean Alan Lomax is a stage, television and Motion Picture personality and national champion whistler

David Morris a world champion from England and a career musician

George Oldfield international finalist and retired entomologist who enjoys entertaining by whistling

Ronnie Ronalde the New Zealand whistler who has entertained around the world

Jason Serinus the voice of Woodstock in the Emmy nominated Peanuts cartoon

Robert Stemmons The Whistler of Coeur d'Alene, great sound clips and a very informative web site

Ryosuke Toyohashi a new name on the world scene, from Japan

Chris Ullman 4 time champion, none can imitate Chris: picture a hyper duck doing classical with excellence

Roger Whitaker the famous entertainer is another of the best known whistlers of the 20th century

Byrdie Sue Zwit Frantzen whistles with her teeth and outchirps the birds

Hand Whistlers

Ben Brenner a highly accomplished musician and a phenomenal whistler as well

Mike Riston calls it "hand cooing" and has a very smooth sound, like a pan flute

Steve Thompson has done a fine job of illustrating how to hand whistle

Of course, few can touch the late and legendary whistlers of the 20th century: Fred Lowery and Muzzy Marcellino

Whistling Community

International Whistling Convention draws contestants from all over the world. The 34th competition is in 2007

Orawhistle is where whistlers flock like birds  to discuss the musical art of whistling and do some research

The Online Guide to Whistling Recordings will quickly inform you of the great whistlers of the past and present


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