Real Estate Design & Development

Creative Designs for Responsible Use of Creation

Are you thinking or remodeling a home, building a new home?
Are you buying some acreage or already own some land
and trying to figure out the best way to develop it?

TCF Group can help you create a sound plan to give you
the best results for your money. Design and plan it first.

Here is how we can help you, too:

Conceiving creative uses of large tracts of land,
especially farmlands and wooded acreage

Conceiving creative ways to acquire combine adjacent lands
then re-divide them into more valuable parcels

Siting proposed buildings on property to optimize sun angles,
weather exposures, contours, exterior and interior views,
drainage, and people flow to and around structures

Building layout for optimal space utilization, views and vistas
including preliminary working drawings and
three dimensional perspective drawings

Designing plans for remodeling  existing homes  for better
space utilization, better appearance and higher value

Managing land development projects for owners,
covering aerial photography and imagery, titling,
deeds, surveying, easements and tax assessments

We are consultants, not licensed architects or builders.
Since 2000 we have planned and overseen the remodeling
of four residences, the remodeling of a fifth residence, and
designed and overseen the building of two new residences.


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- November 28, 2005 -