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Centennial History - The First 100 Years

October 16, 1892 - 1992

by T. Cartter Frierson, Chairman of the Centennial Committee and Ruling Elder

Revised November 5, 1999
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Table of Contents


Prelude - Before 1892

Chapter 1 - Our Church Gets Off to a Slow Start, 1892-1916

Chapter 2 - First Growth Period Under McLester, 1917-1925

Chapter 3 - God Intervenes, 1926-1928

Chapter 4 - The Worst of Times Were The Best of Times, 1929-1945

Chapter 5 - The Post War Years, 1945-1970

Chapter 6 - Restoration and Revival, 1970-1977

Chapter 7 - Resolve, 1978-1982

Chapter 8 - 1983-1992


Appendix (see also for latest additions)

For history since 1992 see History at lmpc.org


In the evening on Friday, October 16, 1992, the Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a special Centennial Service conducted by pastor Sandy Willson. Dr. D. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, preached an inspiring sermon on evangelism. During Sunday School on October 18, 1992, a shortened version of the history of the church was read by ruling elder Cartter Frierson, chairman of the Centennial Committee and editor of the full length history then still in preparation. Earlier recorded histories on the 25th, 50th and 60th anniversaries were the text of similar readings. As such, they did not describe how the congregation commemorated those anniversaries.

The author has drawn heavily on the previous excellent histories by authors Mrs. A. T. Waters, Mary Read Smartt,  Rowena K. Frierson,  and Marion Smartt, and upon editorial notes of Rowena Frierson, Margaret Killebrew, Marian Smartt, Brownie Paden, Talullah McGee, with extensive additions by this author and editor.

For the Centennial Celebration, the committee decided to delay publication of the written history so that it could include a description of the celebration and actions by the congregation taking place at that time, especially the complete remodeling of the facilities to meet the needs of an increasingly active congregation.

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